Hieroglyphics, Graffiti, Protest Art

Hi Seth! Last Friday, students responded to your post on Tahrir Graffiti by creating some of their own art: drawing their name in hieroglyphics and graffiti style lettering and sketching some protest art. We will put together their pieces onto a poster, but posted below are photos of their creativity in action! They also wrote about graffiti as art and the meaning of art in general. Here are some of their comments:

“I think people use graffiti in a way to express their feelings or to show what they can do. Graffiti can tell stories. The graffiti I see is artistic.” (MJ2)
“Graffiti… could be to make a point, like ‘no more war,’ or to help in an argument.” (SC6)
“Why do people make art? To show what they mean and what they feel inside them.” (KO6)
“In Cairo, people make graffiti because it’s what they think. They draw people protesting and people who died while protesting. They also draw people they don’t like, like the president.” (SM6)
“People have made different kinds of art: music, drawing, painiting, sculpting, etc. One thing they all have in common is that they are ways of expressing yourself, like the graffiti in the Middle East. Their art shows people showing their ideas about political leaders.” (FA2)
“Art lets me express myself by drawing what I feel.” (MD2)
“You can learn a lot from art. Art inspires people to do things. Art can protest against something. Art can express ideas and feelings. Art teaches you that it is possible to do things.” (ZH2)
“I think people do graffiti to state their opinion. If you can’t say something, why not write it?” (XL2)
“I think art is important because you can learn a lot of things. One thing you could learn is friendship. I’ve seen a lot of art about friends and family, especially music. Another thing art can teach you is history. Paintings could be made in or about the past. Also art teaches you to be free to express yourself. That’s why art is so important to me and others.” (MR2)
“Art can teach you a lot of things. Art can even tell stories.” (JF2)
“People make art because they want to be creative.” (JM2)
“Art is important because it helps people express their feelings. It usually has a meaning, and art is a passion to some people.” (PL6)
“Some people think that art is just to entertain themselves. But no, not just that. Art is a good thing. If you can’t read, you could look at art and sometimes you can understand it. Art can also make things prettier, and sometimes art can cheer you up.” (RG2)
“Some people make art because it is fun to do, while others make it because they are protesting something.” (DG6)
“What can we learn from art? We can learn lots of things from art. People can use art to protest. Long ago, people drew on the walls telling stories. It might say stuff that happened in those years that we forgot about. We can learn about what people ate and what they did for a living long ago. We can learn lots of things.” (DD6)




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