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A 6th Grader in Giza

Hello class!

I hope the end of the year is going well for you. The temperature is dropping here considerably and today I even had to go to an outdoor clothing market underneath a bridge to buy a jacket so I can stay warm.

A while ago you put together questions you had for 6th graders in Cairo. Thank you very much fo the questions, they are great. I would have liked to ask them all, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time in the interview. After school on Thursday I took the bus out to Haram, the neighborhood by the pyramids where I used to live. There I met my former landlord, Ahmed (or ‘Thomas’, his nickname), and he took me to the apartment of his cousin where I met Nasr Sherif. Nasr is a 12 year old who goes to a public school in Giza. I’ll let him do the rest of the talking, and don’t miss his message to the class at the end of the video!

Click through for the transcript of the full interview!

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Photo of the Week


Photo of a protestor climbing a light pole at famous Tahrir Square. Tens of thousands of protestors have returned to this spot after the current president, Mohamed Morsi, granted himself unprecedented powers in the government. These were anti-Morsi protests by people who think he is one step away from becoming another dictator, but today there were huge pro-Morsi protests organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, currently the dominant political party in Egypt.