Final Celebration

Hello one last time, class! I am back in Cairo and I miss Portland a lot, but am excited to get involved in Egypt again. As always, let’s start with a short video, the one I tried to show you during the Final Celebration:

At our final celebration, I brought 55 ancient Egyptian pictures printed on papyrus style paper which I bought at the famous market Khan al-Khalili. They each featured different images taken from various hieroglyphs, although I do not know the origin of all of them. Some, however, are repeated throughout the city, like the image below which is also a mural at the Zamalek metro station.


In the corner of each of the pictures I wrote a student’s name in English and in Arabic. I wonder what you have all done with these pictures and how long you might keep them. I also hope you all enjoyed the hummus and pita bread.

The pictures were handed out first, after which you all asked me great questions about Egypt and Cairo. As you all were getting up to get pita bread and hummus, you probably remember how the video didn’t work the day of the celebration, but hopefully Ms. Bourgoine can show you sometime this week.

I then asked you all what you would do if you went to Egypt and you discussed in small groups as I went around the room. We then watched a couple of your favorite videos and kept asking each other questions.

At the end of the celebration, I received your cards! I really enjoyed reading them and, in fact, they made my vacation. I don’t know how long you all will keep the papyrus pictures, but I want to be buried with your cards like a pharaoh with his treasure. Thanks for being an amazing class! You made my time in Egypt way more meaningful and memorable.

One thousand thanks, الف شكر

Seth سث


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