About Ms. Burgoine’s Class

Lane Middle School, Portland, Oregon, USA

We are two 6th-grade social studies classes at Lane Middle School in Portland, Oregon. We are studying ancient history this year, including the history of ancient Egypt and the pharaohs. Ms. Burgoine is excited for us to see how the history of Egypt connects to modern Egypt through blogging with Seth.


2 thoughts on “About Ms. Burgoine’s Class

  1. Ms Burgoine

    Hi Seth,

    If you have any opportunities to interview any middle-school students in Cairo, the students have many questions they’d like to ask. I’ve pasted them below. Feel free to use any or all of them that work for your interview!

    Thank you — Ms. Burgoine and the students………

    What time does your school start and end? (PL6) (SA6)
    How many days a week do you go to school? (JLz6)(BT6) (MD2)
    How many hours each day are you at school? (KO6) (MD2)
    What is your daily routine? (MR2)
    What holidays do you get off? (SM6)

    How do you get to school? (PL6)
    Do you have school busses? (BT6)

    Do you have a school uniform? (PL6) (OR6)
    Do you have a dress code? If so, what is it? (PL6)
    What are the rules in school? (JLe6)
    Do you get yelled at in school? (DD6)
    Can you chew gum there? (EK6)
    Are the teachers “nice or strict”? (ZH2)

    Do you have 6 classes like us? (JLe6)
    What subjects do you learn? (DD6) (SC6)
    Do you think school is hard? (NL2)
    Is it easy to learn Arabic? (AS2)
    (Lots of questions about the “Egyptian alphabet”….)
    Do you learn other languages, like English? (SA2)
    Do you have art classes? (RG2)
    About how many students are in a class? (RG2)

    Do you have lunch at school? (JLe6)
    Do you have recess? How long? (DJ6) (DT6)
    What kind of homework do you get? (JH6)
    Do you have a playground? (MP2)
    We have a “learning garden” across the street from our school (where we learn about ecology and growing things). Do you have something like that? (MJ2)
    Do you go on field trips? (ZH2)

    Do you have a job? If so, what do you do? (DH6)
    What do you do for your birthday? (XL2)
    Do you play computer games? (XL2)
    When do you have free time? (FA2)
    What are some sports you play? (AM6)
    What kind of instruments do you use for music? (JG2)
    Are there TV shows you like to watch? (GJ2)
    What kind of pets do you have? (ZH2)
    What do you know about American music or other pop culture figures? (PL6) (ZM6)

    You can tell the Egyptian students that we go to school Monday through Friday from 9:15 to 3:45, so we’re at school about 6 ½ hours each day. We have 6 classes, a 20-minute lunchtime and a 25-minute recess right before or after lunch.

  2. Ms Burgoine

    Hi Seth,
    Here are some comments students made after watching the pyramids video and in anticipation of meeting you in January and possibly Skyping with you.

    Are you excited for coming back to Portland? (PL6)
    The library looks amazing and the food looks and souncs pretty interesting. (DH6)
    If I was a rich person, I’d go around the world and go to Egypt first. (EK6)
    The paintings and ancient scroll were amazing! (KO6)
    I’d like to see a video of you riding a camel! (LM6)
    Wow, I can’t believe Seth is coming to our class. I’d try anything he brought. That last sentence was referring to food not style. Well, depends on the the style. I like trying new things. (SA6)
    Is there a Dairy Queen there in Egypt? (TY6)
    Do they have gymnastics? (LM6)
    If someone took out one block from a pyramid, would it all fall down? (MR2)

    There were many comments about how they’ve really enjoyed looking at the blog and they’re very excited to meet you in January. There were also many positive comments about the food and lots of interesting in trying some Egyptian food. Many students say thanks for doing the blog for them!

    See/ talk/ blog again soon!
    — Ms. B and the students


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